I'm MXNGO! I'm an interdisciplinary artist creating in many mediums such as: endurance based performance, analog and digital photography, as well as rendered digital imagery.
On this welcome page I will be showing snippets of work I have made and the concepts behind them.
In my series Burdens, I express my inner struggles through physicality, intentionally leading to failure. This symbolic outcome reflects the difficulty of handling other people's emotional burdens and underscores the limits of my own emotional capacity. By purposefully allowing these performances to end in failure, I'm exploring the complex balance between maintaining my emotional well-being and supporting others through their emotional struggles.
I serve as an emotional outlet for others, lacking my own escape until I turned to creating digital collages. These Safe Spaces offer a refuge from overwhelming emotions, embodying my quest to escape emotional constraints and unresolved stress from shouldering others' baggage.
This new series in my body of work is titled Laying Bare, in which I embark on my own journey to figure out all the ways I can be vulnerable. In doing so, I am not only being vulnerable with myself but am choosing to radically show those who view my work myself as my most vulnerable.